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Church Leaders and Member Churches

Richard Teal

Richard Teal, Chair of the Cumbria Methodist District and President of Churches Together in Cumbria.


Church Leaders 2015Cumbria Church Leader's social justice pledge, March 2015


Our Church Leaders are:

James Newcome, Anglican Bishop of Carlisle

Paul Swarbrick, Roman Catholic Bishop of Lancaster

Richard Teal, Chair of the Cumbria Methodist District

Sarah Moore, President of the United Reformed Church Cumbria Area

Bill Bewley, Representative of the Religious Society of Friends in Cumbria

Andrew Dodd, Representative of the North Western Association of the Baptist Union of Great Britain

Beverley and Drew McCombe, Divisional Commanders of the North Western Division of the Salvation Army


Our member churches are:

The Church of EnglandDiocese of Carlisle

The Methodist Church, Cumbria District

The United Reformed Church, Cumbria Area

The Roman Catholic Church, Lancaster Diocese

The Salvation Army, Northern Division and North Western Division

The Church of Scotland, The Border Kirk, Carlisle

The Baptist Union of Great BritainNorth Western Association

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)

The Orthodox Church in Cumbria

The Churches in Community International




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