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Denominational Ecumenical Officers

Churches Together in Cumbria works with the Denominational Ecumenical Officer (DEO)

of participating church denominations to ensure the smooth running of our joint work.

DEOs are also advocates for churches together/ecumenical work within their own denominations.


The Denominational Ecumenical Officers act as the Sponsoring Body for Local Ecumenical Partnerships in Cumbria. This means they support, offer advice to and help to review the various LEPs in Cumbria.


Currently our DEOs are:

Anglican Diocese of Carlisle: Rev David Cooper

Roman Catholic Diocese of Lancaster: Deacon George Bissett

United Reformed Church: Rev Nick Mark

Methodist Church: Rev Nicola Reynolds

Baptist Union of Great Britain: Rev Andrew Dodd

Salvation Army: Captains Mel & Steve Scoulding



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