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Change on a local, national or global scale comes about through ordinary people demanding structural, economic, political and social changes.  How can individuals or local churches do this?  We can get involved in lobbying and campaigning.  We have already seen what can be achieved in international debt cancellation. (US$80 billion cancelled).



Don't know where to start?

The websites of  leading Christian International Development Agencies have updates on the latest national/international campaigns and step by step guidance on how to get involved; from sending an email to your MP or the PM to participating in joint actions.

(The issues may cover: 'living lightly', climate change, poverty, international debt reduction, global justice, trade justice, etc).

Take part in current UK climate change campaigns/social justice and lobbying:
Cafod and National Justice and Peace Network (Catholic)
Christian Ecology
Operation Noah 'Take Action'

Quaker Faith and Action

Take Action Locally Among your own Community/Communities:Church & Community Campaigning

Join or start a local climate change action group?
Here are a few links that might give you ideas:
Cumbria Action for Sustainability
South Lakeland Action on Climate Change Group
Sustainable Brampton
Penrith Action Towards Community Transition

Friends of the Earth, Cumbria Latest news and Action

350 International Campaign
350 is the most important number in the world—it's what scientists say is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Three years ago, after leading climatologists observed rapid ice melt in the Arctic and other frightening signs of climate change, they issued a series of studies showing that the planet faced both human and natural disaster if atmospheric concentrations of CO2 remained above 350 parts per million.
Everyone from Al Gore to the U.N.’s top climate scientist has now embraced this goal as necessary for stabilizing the planet and preventing complete disaster. Now the trick is getting our leaders to pay attention and craft policies that will put the world on track to get to 350.

International Debt Campaign is linked with Climate Change.

Support Jubilee Debt Campaign).  See also Jubilee Debt Campaign 'guide to campaigning'

Find out about women and international debt:  

Advocate for inclusive climate change planning: Climate change has different implications for rich and poor and for men, women and for children.  Find out more and advocate for the inclusion of poorer people and of women and children in assessing, planning and implementing appropriate climate change responses.

Action Aid: Women and climate change
Care International: Climate Change and Inequality
Climate Ark:  Why climate change affects women more than men
FAO: Gender the missing component of the response to climate change
FAO: People Centred Climate Change Adaptations: Integrating gender issues

'If people are rich and do give help to those who stand in need, they only give the poor what was already theirs. The earth was made for all, not just for the rich.' St Ambrose


Tell us what your church and community is doing and we can feature your action on this website.


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