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Lifestyle: Churches Thinking Globally and Acting Locally

Increasingly we are seeing that we are part of the global family.  What we do here locally affects the global community.  God's heart extends to the lost, the least and the last and includes all of his creation.  We have an opportunity here in Cumbria to pray and live in a way that supports the local and global environment and poorer people, here and in the wider world, who have contributed least to climate change but who are the most affected by it.

Breathing Earth

Look at Breathing Earth. This ireal-time simulation displays the CO2 emissions of every country in the world, as well as their birth and death rates.

Photo: Breathing Earth


‘If the World was a Village of 100 people’  is an imaginative way of looking at our global situation. There is a poster version and a web version at Miniature Earth .

Our lifestyles and consumption in the the West has made the largest contribution to climate change.  We use 10 times as many resources per person than people in Bangladesh.  We also use 40 times more energy (heating, lighting, hot water, fuel for travelling, etc).



People in poorer countries have much smaller 'footprints' than us.  They have contributed least to climate change but are suffering the most.


Consider linking with a church in a country affected by climate change

There is the opportunity to form a mutually supporting relationship of shared prayer and local community eco and social justice action.  The children and youth could share together their experiences, ideas, music, drama and support each other in their local eco action.   They could work on a joint media presentation about the issues affecting both churches and communities, pose questions and practical way s forward.  Their findings could be presented to both local communities in the UK and in the partner’s country.  Learning about each other’s family, church, community, spiritual, social, economic, and political life can help bring us together in mutual understanding, support and action.  See also Tearfund's 'Connected Church'


Bangladesh FloodingChurch members build Community Refuge


The church in this part of Bangladesh is helping the community prepare for further flooding by building a church based emergency centre for all the community on higher ground.  See Bangladesh Story.

Photos: Tearfund


Global Justice Campaign - Cumbria     Church-led irrigation  -  Malawi

Eco Twinning:  Link your Church with African Communities Affected by Climate Change
The Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) are encouraging churches to team up with places in Africa which are experiencing devastating climate change. This first hand experience given to the church directly may well be a stimulus for people to change their lifestyles, and reduce their carbon, and their oil dependency.  The idea is for a relationship to develop between the churches, and for the church this end to get involved practically through financial support of a particular project.  The projects have been offered by the All Africa Conference of Churches to enable training, finance and solidarity through twinning.  Is this something that your church might be interested in? For more information visit, or phone 01225 758004 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Look at Eco Congregations global neighbours

Give ‘living gifts’ to friends and family:  (e.g. seeds, water and sanitation, etc.) See: CAFOD , Christian Aid,   Tearfund or Oxfam

Support (by prayer and giving) Christian Development Agencies, who work with communities here and in poorer countries on the issues of climate change, poverty and global justice: CAFOD , Christian Aid and Tearfund

Tell us what your church and community is doing and we can feature your action on this website


Get involved in Advocacy and Campaigning

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