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Growing Through Conflict

A network of Churches Together in Cumbria

Conflict is a normal part of life. And conflict in our churches is not unusual, whether it is a disagreement over the use of a room, a protracted discussion about roles and responsibilities, or a strong difference of opinion about our theology of sexuality.

In our churches, we are no strangers to conflict. Jesus spoke about the need to embrace those with whom we have disagreements; about making peace with one another. As committed Christians, we are dedicated to the way of forgiveness and reconciliation. This way, however, may lead us through difficult conversations and can even lead to conflict. Finding creative ways to work with conflict, and to transform it for good, is at the heart of our ministry in the name of Christ.

The Growing Through Conflict network was set up by Churches Together in Cumbria to embrace difference within our churches, and our communities, and to offer resources and support to transform conflict.

The network is made up of people from member churches of CTiC who have some experience or training in conflict resolution, mediation or conflict transformation. Many of us have attended a Bridge Builders, Core Solution or Place for Hope training programme.

We meet annually to offer one another support and resources. And we regularly run our one-day 'Growing Through Conflict' foundation day in understanding conflict and ways to respond.

Click here to request one of these workshops.

See our flyer here for details of forthcoming events.

In addition, we can offer accompaniment to congregations or individuals of any denomination who are experiencing difficulty, conflict or disagreement. In the first instance, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for support.


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