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Cumbria Churches ... Living Lightlyhands supporting earth

Working together for change

Caring for creation and transforming communities

Acting locally; thinking globally.




As Christians...

As Christians we are called to work with God to make his Earth a place of beauty,  wonder, worship, love, justice, fellowship and hope.


Trees Celebration



Climate Change ...

Climate change is the greatest set back to ending poverty.  Richer nations have contributed most to climate change.  Poorer nations have contributed least, but are suffering the most.  We are a global village, needing to care for each other.

motorway drought feeding Arican children



What we do here in Cumbria ...

What we do here in Cumbria can make a difference locally and globally

Recylcing Faitrade Composting Youth Against Climate Change

Care for our common home brochure: lots of ideas for churches.

"As Christians we recognise the Sabbath principle of ‘enoughness’ and we must advocate it as a foundation for sustainability. Let us adjust our life styles so as to tread as lightly as possible on the Earth."

God, Nature and Climate Change. A Statement from the Christian Churches of Cumbria. To request printed copies of the statement click here



Living Lightly...

Want to know more about why and how you and your church can live more lightly on this wonderful earth?
Click here to download the  'Living Lightly' power-point presentation.


See:  StoriesGet Involved, Youth Zone, Resources


photos: motorway, drought: Fotofolia.  Solar panels: CAfS.  Demo:Youth Against Climate Change

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