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There are a wide range of exciting, thought provoking and stimulating resources available for all ages, groups and churches.


See this intriguing poster. A Conversation between Global North and South’ You could design your own conversation!


Write an eco song covering some of the issues of God, his creation, climate change, poverty and justice:

Go to Songs and Hymns to see a song written by young people.  It won a competition.

Make Musical Instruments from Recyled stuff. You could involve the younger children in making these!  Then you could perform your songs and hymns using instruments from recycled stuff.


Show a DVD/power point presentation:
There are plenty on various sites: Arocha UK, Tearfund, etc.

Videos/DVD/PowerPoint Presentations:

Operation Noah Video Page
Miniature Earth: If the world population was 100 people it would look something like this.
This is a short, attractive and compelling 4 mins. presentation, giving faces and statistics of who has what in our global village.

The Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore’s presentation
A Rocha: a good variety of videos for both children and adults



Make your own DVD or power point presentation:  Involve others in the production (younger children, etc.)  It could be quite short, just  a ‘taster’.


Drama, Quizzes:
Use a drama or quiz in services and other church events to focus on the issue of climate change in a fresh and challenging way:
Change Greed to Green by Tom Hiscock.
Degrees of Change: A New Play for Teenagers:  This is a fast-paced, thought-provoking and entertaining play (40
mins.) which follows the lives of a group of sixth formers from Manchester.
Operation Noah Day Puppet Show by Ruth Jarman - Short simple play 
Tearfund Devotions and other activities
Dramas for Children

CAFOD interactive quiz, power point, games, etc.

Working with Young People for many ideas, games, quizzes, drama, etc.

Act a short eco drama: This could be a dramatised Bible story or a modern one.  You could even write your own short drama!   It could even be interactive and involve the audience.  It could even have different optional endings according to the eco ideas/choices made by the audience!  . 


Eco games for the children (young and not so young!) See Kids Zone and Schools Zone 


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