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There are many environmental Bible based resources for church ministers and leaders. Creation Care

Here are just a few :
A Rocha International and A Rocha UK.

Eco Congregation:Greening Worship
Operation Noah
Creation Challenge

European Christian Environmental Network


Creation Time (1st September to 4th October annually)
Resources for Creation Care Celebration and Worship CTBI


Church Eco Packs

The CoolChurch Toolkit: This 3 page toolkit includes how to calculate your church carbon emissions, ideas for appointing an energy manager and a sample church action plan.


Christian Ecology: This is a 2 page booklet covering: purchasing, cleaning, worship and education, community involvement, environmental projects, political pressure and the wider community.


Eco Congregations Toolkit: This kit is more comprehensive and has 12 modules. It starts with a ‘church check up’ of what the church is doing to care for creation and helps churches agree their own action plans.


A Rocha Environment Resources for individuals, groups and churches. Are you hard-pressed for time, but want to arrange a church service? Are you looking for home-group bible studies? Or maybe you want an inspiring audio-visual for outreach ?


Shrinking the Footprint (Church of England)



Books: Bible Readings, Prayers and Poems

God's Green Book by C Sleigh and B Webb

The Bible is bursting with teaching about nature: how God created it, how humans fit into it, and how it is part of his big story of justice, love and redemption. But what does the Bible have to say about the environmental issues that face us? These seven Bible studies explore such questions as: How well rooted are you in God’s creation?; Can you take your ethics to the shops?; Does what you eat really make a difference?; Is an environmentally friendly lifestyle just too painful to contemplate?


Beyond The Window Frame - Prayers and Poems, by Marie Birkinshaw
A theme collection of poetry and prayers – suitable for church worship, women’s groups, house-groups and for individual reflection.


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