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Cumbria Church Leader social justice pledge signing

The Church Leaders of all the main denominations in Cumbria have signed a pledge of support for faith-based social action and work for social justice.

They were hosted by Manna House, Kendal for an event on 6th March 2015. Chief Officer, Jonathan Brook, shared with Church Leaders the work of Manna House. Penny Severn, Night Shelter Coordinator, talked about  the 2014/15 winter night shelter, run at 6 churches in the town with volunteers from several more helping to staff the venture.





Bill Bewley,

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) signs



Bishop Michael Campbell,

Roman Catholic Diocese of Lancaster signs




The Church Leaders signed the following pledge:

As we celebrate the inspiring work of Manna House with some of the most marginalised members of our community, we the leaders of the Churches in Cumbria together pledge our continuing support for faith-based social action and community initiatives around the county, both rural and urban.

We will seek to listen to and prioritise the voices of poor and marginalised people in our communities.

We call on policymakers to tackle the problem of poverty, hunger & isolation. We particularly highlight the need to: pay a living wage, review zero hour contracts, ensure that the welfare state once again provides a robust defence against destitution, and protect the viability of rural and isolated communities through the retention of services.





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