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Ecumenical Course from Cumbria: Disciples Together

This is a course designed for all the Christian churches in Cumbria, promoted by 'Churches Together in Cumbria'.

The course focuses on “growing disciples of Jesus Christ”.

It provides materials for five meetings in a small group.

The course has been written for use in ecumenical groups during Lent but could also be used at any time of year.

‘Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations”’ (Matthew 28.19)
Jesus’ final command to his disciples before he ascended into heaven, is a powerful calling to us all. Every Christian, whatever church or denomination we belong to, is called to keep growing as a disciple of Jesus, and to help other people find faith in Him and become His disciples. The 'Disciples Together' course aims to help us do this.

Church Leaders in Cumbria have endorsed this course:
"We commend this ‘Disciples Together’ Lent course to the Christian communities of Cumbria.  By learning together, we can grow together towards God, who calls us all on the path of discipleship”.

All the ecumenical course materials can be downloaded here. 
'Disciples Together' Ecumenical publicity flier

Ecumenical Leader's notes, Maturity in Faith

Ecumenical Member's notes, Maturity in faith
Ecumenical Leader's notes, Prayer and worship
Ecumenical Member's notes, Prayer and worship
DT3 Leaders notes
DT3 Members notes
Ecumenical Leader's notes, Community engagement
Ecumenical Member's notes, Community engagement
Ecumenical Leader's notes, Evangelism
Ecumenical Member's notes, Evangelism
Ecumenical for the future Feedback Form (doc file)
Ecumenical for the future Feedback Form (pdf file)
Ecumenical Guidelines for Group Leaders
Ecumenical resources and websites
Member's introductory handout



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