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December 2018


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It's Our Future!

Hi There!

Q: What are your hopes and dream, aims and ambitions for the future?
Q: What do you want the world to be like when you are an adult?
Q: Do you think climate change is important?
Q: If so, what do you think we can do about it?
Q: Do you think Christians and the local churches should get stuck in and take a lead? 

Q: Should we be living 'lightly'?

Q: If so, why?              
Q: What more would you like to do to make a difference?

If any of these questions are important to you and your friends then we have plenty of ideas for you to consider and do together!

Get Started !

Young People, children and schools are at the forefront of climate change action and learning to live 'lightly'!  Encourage your Church youth group and children’s church to ‘go green’.

This website is packed full of some ideas and resource to get you started!
Choose:  Youth Zone, Kids ZoneSchools Zone or Speaking Out


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