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Hi There!Celebrate



Would you like to see the world through God's eyes?  


How about working with Him to bring about change? 



The 'Caterpillar Effect' might start you on the journey ..


Tearfund Caterpillar DVD


Want to know more about Living the Dream!  Check out this Tearfund Youth Blog.

'We’re excited that God is imagining a new world and we’re committed to being part of a miraculous change. Are you?

We think that we need a new way of thinking, a new way to stand together and shout about the things we see when we look at the world around us. Join us as we dream God’s dream together. This is a new conversation, a new rhythm. Are you ready? 

We’ve got some amazing plans that will continue to help us live distinctively different lives. Are you ready?'


See also:

CAFOD Youth Ideas and Action

Arocha UK Youth


You can be the catalyst among your friends at school and at church.  You could start them on the journey.Together, you could get your local church involved: raising awareness, encouraging and challenging them towards living differently and sustainably, tackling injustice, thinking globally and acting locally.


There a lots of ways of getting your group, church or community involved.




Raising Awareness:

Look around! There’s plenty of stories of young people getting stuck in!  Check out the various facebook sites and blogs.


Put on a multimedia, fun session, designed and run by YOU!  Get permission from your youth and church leader/s and form a team.  Include younger children and your youth leaders, etc., and pool ideas and suggestions. 


There are lots of things you could include:

See Working with Young People for many ideas, games, quizzes, drama, etc. Miniature Earth


Show a DVD/power point presentation:
There are plenty on various sites: Arocha UK, Tearfund, etc.

DVD/PowerPoint Presentations:

Your Kingdom Come (CAFOD)

Operation Noah Video Page
Miniature Earth: If the world population was 100 people it would look something like this.
This is a short, attractive and compelling 4 mins. presentation, giving faces and statistics of who has what in our global village.

The Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore’s presentation
A Rocha: a variety of DVDs for children and adults.  See Arocha Youth Pages


Make your own DVD or power point presentation:  Involve others in the production (younger children, etc.)  It could be quite short, just  a ‘taster’.


Drama, Quizzes:
Use a drama * or quiz in services and other church events to focus on the issue of climate change in a fresh and challenging way:
Change Greed to Green by Tom Hiscock.
Degrees of Change: A New Play for Teenagers:  This is a fast-paced, thought-provoking and entertaining play (40
mins.) which follows the lives of a group of sixth formers from Manchester.
Operation Noah Day Puppet Show by Ruth Jarman - Short simple play 
Tearfund Devotions and other activities
Dramas for Children

CAFOD interactive quiz, power point, games, etc.

*Act a short eco drama: This could be a dramatised Bible story or a modern one.  You could even write your own short drama!   It could even be interactive and involve the audience.  It could even have different optional endings according to the eco ideas/choices made by the audience!  . 

Prayer and Worship:

Whole Wide World Prayers, worship, and songs, etc.



See this intriguing poster. A Conversation between Global North and South’ You could design your own conversation!


Devise an Eco Trail: Invite local community (churches, businesses, schools, organisations, residents) to showcase their sustainable lifestyle actions (solar panels, composting, etc.) on a community 'Green Trail' Day.Youth Action with CAFOD

Have eco games for the children (young and not so young!) See Kids Zone and Schools Zone

Write an eco song covering some of the issues of God, his creation, climate change, poverty and justice:

Go to Songs and Hymns to see a song written by young people.  It won a competition!

Make Musical Instruments from Recyled stuff. You could involve the younger children in making these!  Then you could perform your songs and hymns using instruments from recycled stuff.




'Tread Gently - Go Green': Help Your Church be more Eco Friendly

Ask you Youth Leaders for permission and for their help.  'Tread Gently' is full of ideas and action for Youth Groups to help their church 'Go Green'. Often a good place to start is doing a church eco check.  Involve all the church (young and old) when you do the check of the buildings, activities, etc. When you have completed the check you could then present it to the whole church!   Tell them what you have found out.  You could even put the results into a power point presentation or use flip charts. (Remember, if you use flip charts, to write very large and clearly as everyone wants to see your results!)  Your check may show that your church is already eco friendly.  That’s great news!  If so, let Churches Together in Cumbria (CTIC) website know about it and they may want to put it on the website!    Your check may show up some ‘gaps’ that the church may wish to address.  You could encourage the church to look at taking some eco action.  'Tread Gently' has ideas for 'what next'. Youth Action

Eco checks (audits). Most church denominations have one or you could use Eco Congregations  Module -  Church Check Up


Eco Congregation: You could encourage your church to become an eco congregation and even consider going for an ‘Eco Congregation Award’.  See the stories of Seascale Methodist and Hawkshead Hill Baptist Church, who are both Eco Congregations.

Work through Working with Young People Ideas and Activities for Youth Groups.  It’s packed full of stories of youth action and ideas for all including building a Wildlife Tower in your church grounds!  Check out Eco Congregations Newsletters for inspiration and more ideas.

 Image: Speak



Think Globally and Act Locally:

'See what else is happening in the North West and get yourself on the map!  See the Climate Change Low Carbon Map: Be the first youth group to tell others in the North West what you are doing about climate change:  Log on to Climate Change North West Find out what is happening locally and upload a photo and description of your action on to the new Climate Change North West website Low Carbon Map.  See what else is going on!  Exchange ideas with other churches and youth groups in the North West..

What we do here in Cumbria, the UK and Europe affects others around the world.  Look at ‘If the World was a Village of 100 people’  – It’s a new way of looking at our world!  This is available as a poster or you can view the video from Miniature Earth

Consider linking with young people in a church in a poorer country: African youth

Build a mutually supportive relationship.  Write to each other, share your stories, pray for each other and support each other in eco action in your own communities. See Connected Church

Consider volunteering for a few weeks or months to learn from and work with Christians and communities in other countries:
Transform (Tearfund) 2 weeks – 4month trips.

 Photo: Arocha UK




Your voices can make a difference!  Young people, here and around the world, are speaking out  and bringing about changes.Campaigning

Check out 'Super Badger'  

SuperBadger is Tearfund’s revolutionary Facebook application, uniting thousands of online community users in the fight against global poverty. 

It enables you to send pre-written emails direct from your profile to those people who make key decisions affecting those living in poverty. Whether it’s badgering politicians about climate change or badgering supermarkets to stock more Fairtrade products, we all need to be in the movement of Facebook badgers!

Photo: Tearfund


Great Generation Speak Up

This is CAFOD's Youth Campaigning Site







See also: 

MAYC (Methodist Association of Youth Clubs)

People and Planet Student Action on World Poverty and the Environment
SPEAK is a network connecting together young adults and students to campaign and pray about issues of global injustice.

'Stem the Tide' Methodist Youth Action on Climate Change and Living Sustainably

Tearfund Youth


See also ideas and resources Kids Zone, School Zone, and Speaking Out (Campaigning and Advocacy)


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