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Make a difference locally and globally! There is plenty of up to date news and campaigning for children and young people:

CAFOD Youth Against Climate Change

People and Planet : an organisation for students campaigning on world poverty, human rights and the environment.



Youth Against Climate Change: helps to set up groups in schools and colleges to influence students, their families and their community:

Photo: Youth Against Climate Change





Are you a badger yet?  Use facebook to change the world!
SuperBadger is Tearfund's Facebook campaigning application: It allows Facebook users to send emails direct from their profile to the people making the decisions. Whether it is badgering politicians about climate change, or badgering supermarkets to stock more Fairtrade products, we need you to start badgering now!

Find SuperBadger on Facebook now! (Facebook sign up required) Click here to login or register.


Your ideas and your voices are important! Yes, you can really make a difference, not just locally but globally! Young people and children can make important contributions in climate change discussions. You can even talk to the United Nations !

Young People Urge World Leaders to Combat Climate Change and believe that they can make a difference themselves.

Nearly 90 per cent of young people across the globe think world leaders should do "whatever it takes" to tackle climate change. This is among the top findings of a new poll conducted on behalf of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
The survey of 12 to 18 year-olds in five countries (Brazil, India, Russia, South Africa and the United States) found that nine in ten young people (88% overall and 85% or more in each country) agree that "World leaders should do whatever it takes to tackle climate change".

Four in five youths surveyed believe they can make a difference on climate for our future (89%); however, a majority also say they need more information about what they can do to tackle climate change (84%).


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